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Do I need a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer?

Do I need a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer?

You need a criminal defense lawyer if you have been contacted by the police as a suspect in a crime. Do not wait to be arrested before calling a criminal defense lawyer! Call Attorney Anthony Naro of Bernazzani Law without delay!

Why do I need a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer if I didn't do anything wrong?

Even if you didn't do anything wrong, that does not mean you don't need a criminal defense lawyer. Innocent people are charged with crimes every single day. Just because you are innocent does not mean the police won't accuse you of a crime!

Will you wrongfully be accused of murder? Maybe not. As a criminal defense attorney with well over a decade of experience, I have represented many people wrongly accused of crimes, including sexual assault, DWI, and domestic violence. Do not take your chances by speaking to the police without an attorney!

Am I entitled to a criminal defense lawyer in New Hampshire before I am arrested?

You are not entitled to a criminal defense lawyer until you are placed in "custody." Custody is not always a formal arrest. And while the New Hampshire Constitution may provide greater protection than the federal constitutions, under federal law custody is determined by asking whether there is a formal arrest or restraint on freedom of movement of the degree associated with a formal arrest.

Will the police provide me with a lawyer if I am entitled to one?

No. The police have the duty to inform you of the right to a criminal defense lawyer when you are in custody, but that does not you get one then. Once you clearly and unambiguously ask for a lawyer, the police must cease all questioning and cannot question you further unless you have been provided with counsel or you re-initiate questioning.

If the police contact me, what do I do?

If the police contact you, you need a criminal defense attorney. Call Attorney Naro at Bernazzani Law and protect your liberty!

Is there any harm in going in for questioning just to see what the police have on me?

Yes! The police do not want you to speak with them to give you information. They want to get information from you to further their investigation against you. Whatever you tell the police will later be used against you if you are charged with a crime. Let Attorney Naro at Bernazzani Law do the talking for you and protect your liberty!