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Helping Nashua Families Find Common Ground

Not all divorces and family law cases are rife with conflict requiring intense litigation before the court. Many parties are willing and able to cooperate to find a mutual compromise on many important issues. If you are involved in a family law dispute that you and the other party are close to resolving, you might benefit from mediation. Mediation allows you and the other party to find an informal, private solution to your conflict. At Bernazzani Law, our attorneys have experience working in a mediation setting to find common ground between the parties and negotiate a private settlement on important issues.

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Mediations in New Hampshire

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that the parties in a family law dispute may utilize to find fair solutions to legal issues. Unlike litigation, mediation employs the use of a neutral third party—known as a mediator—who cannot render binding legal orders. Instead, mediators keep the parties on track and focuses on the material aspects of their dispute, more or less guiding them to a mutually agreeable resolution to their dispute.

Reasons why to choose mediation:

  • The parties can reach a mutual compromise on many issues
  • Potentially saves thousands of dollars
  • Mediation proceedings are mostly kept private
  • Informal setting allows the parties to be open and frank
  • Mediator only facilitates an agreement, does not make binding rulings

Get the Fair Resolution You Deserve

At Bernazzani Law, our legal team is dedicated to finding a lasting, cost-effective solution to your case. We can work with you and the other party to find a fair solution based on shared concerns and common ground. However, if the nature of your relationship with the other party is so acrimonious as to render mediation attempts futile, we are prepared to zealously advocate for your best interests.

For a free case evaluation about whether your case can benefit from mediation, call Bernazzani Law’s mediation attorneys in Nashua at (603) 261-2214 or contact us online today.

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What Makes Us Different?

  • Reasonability

    Some attorneys portray themselves as bulldogs. However, being overly aggressive is not always effective. When a fight is necessary, we fight. But when it is clear that a negotiated or mediated solution can yield better results — and the client wants this — we do not hesitate to follow the more fruitful path.

  • Advocacy

    This is another way of saying "we've got your back." Retain our firm, and we will advocate for you in the strongest possible manner. We are dedicated to helping you and your family.

  • Flexibility

    Our training and experience as mediators, negotiators and litigators give us a full suite of options to bring to your legal problem. Whether a court fight or a mutually agreeable solution is in your best interest, we are flexible enough to serve you. We make ourselves available by email, phone and through our helpful and competent staff.

  • Empathy

    We listen to our clients, and we relate to their problems — always providing clients, and their concerns, the time and attention required. We believe that understanding our clients is vital to helping them resolve those problems.

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